Miss Asia Utah


Miss Asia Utah Rules & Regulations:

1. Entrant must be female at birth and at the time of pageant.


2. Must be a United States of America Resident.


3. Miss Asia Utah is open to candidates ages 18 thru 27. Entrant to Miss Asia must be at least 18 years of age and no older than 27 years of age by October 14, 2017 - never been married and must not have had any children.


4. Contestant must have at least 25 percent Asian descent.


5. The entry fee is $195.00 and everyone is required, as a contestant, to submit a minimum of 1 sponsorship of ($350 each) . These fees are non-refundable and they may not seek compensation if they choose to withdraw after submitting payment.


6. The judging criteria for the Miss Asia Utah is: Platform, talent, evening gown, and on-stage Q&A. The pageant committee will do their best to select a diverse panel of judges to ensure a comprehensive and fair result.

* Entrant must submit a biographical platform describing her vision, goals and accomplishments.

* Demonstrate a talent (entrant's choice) in a 1min and 30sec only performance.

* Submit a non-refundable entry fee of $195.00. Check payment may be mailed to:

HigMen Productions, LLC

9155 S Redwood Rd.

West Jordan, Utah 84088


Major Awards will be based on the following scale value:

* Private Interview..................31%

* Talent...................................31%

* Evening Gown......................31%

* On stage Interview..................7%


7. Every contestant must make reasonable accommodations to attend the majority of pageant rehearsals, activities, workshops, and meetings. If she is unable to attend a planned event, she will notify the pageant committee and communicate about any scheduling conflicts that might occur. She will submit required paperwork by the designated deadlines. If she needs an extension, she will inform the committee within a reasonable timeframe. Failure to maintain good communication with the committee could result in her disqualification in the pageant.


8. Each contestant is required to find a Traditional/Cultural Costume. Although there is a traditional costume competition for the pageant, this portion will not be calculated into the final score. It will only be used for the winner of the “Best in Traditional Costume” award.


9. The official pageant headshots will be taken by a photographer selected by the committee. Contestants will be photographed and recorded throughout the pageant. Each contestant must grant permission to HigMen Productions to publish and use the photos/videos for any purpose in connection with the promotions, marketing, presentations, broadcast, and performances of the pageant.


10. The pageant committee will do their best to keep the pageant environment as fair, safe, and comfortable as possible for everyone. Contestants will not vent their grievances to others or in public without addressing it to the pageant committee first in an effort to come to a mutual resolution.


11. Bullying, gossiping, and bashing is not allowed. If a contestant does not get along with one of the other contestants, she will let the pageant committee know to reduce any possible tension. Negative attitudes are not acceptable. Every contestant is expected to conduct herself in a professional manner throughout the pageant.


12. Contestants must be an outstanding citizen with excellent moral values. She must have never been convicted for a felony, posed nude for any form of published media, or abuse any illegal substances.


13. Once an application is submitted, contestants are a representative for the Miss Asia Utah pageant. They will maintain all of their social media accounts in a tasteful manner (past, present, and future). They will choose their wardrobe wisely when attending social events (remember classy, not trashy). They will not engage in any activity that is considered dishonest, immoral, lewd, or indecent.


14. Contestants understand that if they win the title of Miss Asia Utah, they will serve as a role model and ambassador for their community. They will adjust their schedule accordingly to make a reasonable amount of appearances every month.


15. Contestants understand that if they win the title of Miss Asia Utah, they will not move out of the state during their reign. If they do, they agree to forfeit the title to the 1st runner-up.


16. Contestants understand that Miss Asia Utah is not an exclusive obligation, and they are allowed to compete in other pageant contests as long as they discuss it with the committee beforehand.


17. Contestants understand that if they place as a runner-up, they agree to remain available to assume all of the rights, obligations, and commitments during the year of service should they be assigned by the pageant to take the place of Miss Asia Utah due to her inability to perform her duties or due to her disqualification.


18. Contestants should have knowledge of the culture and current events of her country.


19. Contestants understand that they are responsible for supplying their own make-up and hair styling for all events related to the pageant. Each delegate is only allowed one assistant inside the dressing room on the day of the pageant.


20. The Miss Asia Utah pageant staff reserves the right, at its sole discretion to refuse or reject any application from a prospective entrant and to eliminate any contestant at any time for any violation of the Rules and Regulations. Decisions of the pageant staff are final.


21. The Miss Asia Utah committee is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property of the entrants, assistants, or other attendees.


22. Special awards for the Miss Asia Utah pageant may include but not be limited to: Congeniality, Photogenic, Fan Favorite, Best in Traditional Costume, Best in Talent, Best in Evening Gown, Advocate award, and Most Inspirational Platform.


23. Should there be a tie, the chairperson among the judges and the president of the pageant are the only people allowed to break the tie. Entrants hereby waive any rights to challenge or contest the results of the pageant. Questions about the scoring system must be raised at least one week prior to the pageant.


24. For inquires or more information, please contact: - Agnes Higley: 801 577 0193 or nyzelady@aol.com and Gloria Mensah:

Requirements of Miss Asia Utah 2017:

*  To make tours and appearances to help promote her platform.

*  To help in the organization, planning, publicity, and recruiting of future pageant entrants.

*  Serve the community by sharing her culture and charity along with cultural events.

*  The 1st Runner-up will receive the title if Miss Asia Utah does not fulfill her duties.